Disturbing news about terrorist attacks from Paris, Israel and even Mali made holiday planning uneasy. You should be extremely careful while planning your family vacation. Buzzarmed Society prepared a TOP-10 of safe destinations that your family can visit during holiday seasons. Our rating is based on latest forecasts and the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) with 10 points being the highest.

5. Venice, Italy (GTI 2.55)
Did you know that the way world celebrates New Year’s Eve is Italian in origin? Legendary st Mark’s Square holds a series of events for the biggest gathering of celebrators from all over the world. Breathtaking fireworks and the countdown courtesy of St. Mark’s Campanile can make this particular New Year’s eve the most romantic one. Moreover, Italy is a very safe country in terms of GTI. Although you must know how to keep your wallet safe, considering the local theft rates.

4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (GTI 1.72)
Choosing a tropical country for your winter vacation may be unusual but it also may be a truly unforgettable experience. People of Rio usually go to the beach to Salute Yemanja – the Queen of the Ocean and they all wear white to celebrate the upcoming year. Wouldn’t it be cool to return from New Year celebration with an exotic tan?

3. Zurich, Switzerland (GTI 1.34)
Snowy land that looks like the your son’s toy railway track is perfect for a magic New Year celebration. Moreover, the large ski resort at Engelberg town is only in about 30 minutes drive. Enjoy a street party and fireworks in the old town and dedicate the rest of your holiday time to skiing. Snowy Switzerland is the right place for it with the GTI rate of 1.34 – one of the lowest in EU.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland (GTI 0.08)
There is no place closer to Santa or, to be more precise – 13 Santas called Yule Lads. Icelandic versions of Santa are believed to come to town 13 days before Christmas and entertain the crowd. Common tradition is to light up fireworks and let the night shine until the morning – a New Year experience that is hard to forget. With a GTI of 0.8 Iceland can be viewed as one of the safest countries in the world.

1. Warsaw, Poland (GTI 0)
If you’re looking for a rather traditional holiday experience – wintry Warsaw is the right place to visit. During the Christmas fare on Wilson square you will enjoy the atmosphere of a true fairy tale. The Zoliborz district, where the fare takes place, will have a small Christmas village made up of a number of wooden chalets beautifully lit and decorated. Plus, Poland is a safe place to visit considering that the terrorism threat here is the lowest in Europe.

Planning a family vacation is as responsible as it gets at this dangerous moment. The destination of choice must be fun and safe at the same time. Now pack your bags and go through the list one more time! Buzzarmed Society cares about your safety. Support Buzzarm at: http://kck.st/1GNmCg3

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