The rubber hit the road. Our inbox is full of responses to our letter which means that you may soon watch your neighbourhoods become safer.

Negotiations with police

At the moment, you can find a map of theft rates across U.S. on our main page and check out how safe is your city. However, the final purpose of the map is to track and highlight dangerous routes and streets with a high pickpocketing risk. To make it a reality, we sent out and published an open letter to police with an offer of cooperation.

With Buzzarm we can anonymously collect information on theft attempts and transmit the data with geolocation to the police. It will not only enhance the patrolling of the particular neighbourhoods but empower us with a strong tool against pickpockets. If we can track traffic jam online – why not track theft attempts? Safety for us and a nightmare for pickpockets.

Police departments in Illinois, California and Washington have already responded to our offer of cooperation. Buzzarm continues negotiating with law enforcement agencies on the effort of making America safer.

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2 thoughts on “Buzzarm Negotiates With Police

  • Sounds really helpful. Big Data is the state of the art for conceiving information in all fields. Hope all the polices will join soon to this tool against crime!

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