No matter where you are — on a business trip or on vacation — being away from home multiplies your problems by five if something goes wrong. The most unpleasant “wrong” is of course losing identity documents. Here are 3 things you should do before going on a trip.

1. You must have the address and contacts of the U.S. embassy in the country of your destination. It can be found here. Attention: don’t just copy-paste the address to your smartphone because unfortunately along with the passport it’s one of the most commonly lost items. Write it down on a paper and have it in your pocket.

2. In order to be provided with an appropriate assistance in the embassy, you must have a passport photo taken prior to your appeal. You should print it and leave in the hotel room or in places where they are least likely to get lost.

3. Usually there are fees for replacement documents. But what if you’ve lost your wallet? Make sure you have a person who knows where you are going and will be able to assist you financially if required. Think in advance of how this person will contact you.

Easy to remember: embassy contacts, copy of the passport and a person to back you up. Remembering these precautions you can always count on effortless document recovery abroad. However it is always better not to lose anything. Find out how to chose a theft proof backpack, wallet and shorts. Travel safe!

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