Dear police!

We are reaching out to you to offer a cooperation aimed at making our cities safer.
Small property theft is a problem that troubles the whole nation. Smartphone theft reaches 3.1 million a year, 3,000 pickpocketing thefts occur in New York every month and bicycle owners report thousands of missing vehicles daily. On behalf of concerned victims around US, we invite you to join the Buzzarmed Society campaign.

What is Buzzarmed Society
Buzzarmed Society is a social project that educates Americans about small theft prevention. Buzzarm itself is an innovative tracking and warning device that protects mobile valuables from loss and theft. However, the potential of the technology may go far beyond the individual usage causing significant changes in civil safety system.

How we can work together
We provide you with our innovative anti-theft device – Buzzarm card and let patrol to walk in unsafe neighbourhoods. Every theft attempt is being registered and displayed online on our website. Criminals are likely to spread this information among their companions which will make them feel threatened.

The collected big data can be used to create an interactive map of dangerous routes in some major cities of US. That way every US citizen will be able to track online which street are safe and which are not. We already have maps for traffic, wouldn’t it be great to be able to track theft attempts as well? It will enhance personal security and deliver a clear message to criminals:

in 21st century technology won’t tolerate theft crimes.

It’s time that we let technology make our everyday life a little safer. Let’s make America safer. Let’s make the world safer.


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