It’s no secret that pickpockets, thieves and robbers of all kinds know a lot about human behavior. For instance, in Barcelona pickpockets prefer to pick small amounts of money to avoid jeopardizing what they do. In some cities, it helps them make 4,000 euros a day. So what exactly It is that pickpockets know about your behavior that help them do their job? 7 basic things:

1. You will want to take that picture of Eiffel Tower
Wondering tourists are a primary target for pickpockets. Before going for a sightseeing – make sure you follow all the precautionary steps to keep your valuables untouched.
2. You will check your wallet near the «Beware of pickpockets» sign
Ironically, the «Beware of Pickpockets» sign is where you have high chances of being robbed. What is the first thing you want to do when you read this sign? Of course you want to check your pockets and make sure your wallet is untouched. That way you also show a thief where you have you valuables hidden.
3. You will want to watch that street show
Street shows are the gold mine of pickpockets in every touristic destination. There is nothing easier that pick a wallet from a person who is distracted. Many street shows are designed to serve as a distraction In pickpocketing-schemes. Do not fall for them.
4. You will try to read the street signs on a strange language
If you don’t speak French you will not distinguish a Rue De L’Abbaye from Rue D’Abbeville right away. Still many people try. And pickpockets know that. That is why theft crimes around the street signs is as common as in overcrowded bus.
5. You will feel the need to please people because you’re a foreigner
If you’re a foreigner – you have to be as polite as possible. This rule should be crossed off your list. Most of pickpocketing tactics include asking for directions or help. Of course it is a good sense to be polite when asked something easy but if you sense that situation is tense of the favor they ask you is a bit complicated – better pretend you don’t understand and move fast.
6. You will feel uncomfortable having someone come to close to you
Uncomfortable is a key word. One of the most common pickpocketing tactic includes coming too close to the target to cause frustration. Once you’re frustrated – you are easy to steal from. Don’t be afraid to step back once someone has invaded your comfortable distance.
7. You will fall for an attractive person
Pickpockets often work in pairs. The more attractive one is used for distractions. So if you are asked for directions or distracted near the ATM machine by some one attractive – immediately check your belongings.

Keep these 7 things in mind and your valuables will be safe. Also, make sure you know about the latest anti-theft device to bring on vacations. Stay safe and check out 3 precationary steps to avoid trouble abroad!

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